LAHORE - Supreme Court office has informed the lawyer about non-availability of the record pertaining to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto case. Muhammad Azhar Siddiqui advocate says, he had made a request to the Court for providing him access to the judicial record pertaining to the appeal of ZA Bhutto in the murder case of Ahmad Raza Kasuri, wherein he was awarded death in April 1979. The counsel who wanted to file an appeal to urge the court to revisit Bhutto case says, he has been verbally informed by the Officer concerned about non-availability of the record. He says he would agitate this point on the judicial side of court. It may be recalled that in a recent statement Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has expressed the desire to revisit the Bhutto case to once examine whether Mr Bhuttos involvement in the murder in question was proved on the four corners of law or the same was motivated by military government of General Ziaul Haq. Inspired by the statement of Prime Minister, Mr Siddiqui wanted to move the Supreme Court of Pakistan with a request to reopen the Bhutto case. Justice Ijaz visits lower courts Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry of the Lahore High Court along with Member Inspection Team (MIT) Syed Kazim Shamsi Saturday undertook a surprise visit of the lower courts in the City where they found a number of judicial officers absent from duty besides some discrepancies in the record. On the instructions of LHC Chief Justice Sayed Zahid Hussain, Justice Chaudhry during the visit to lower courts, warned the judicial officers to be regular in duty and punctual in time. The learned judge on the occasion inspected registers and record in the courts of various senior civil judge and civil judges and took note of certain discrepancies. About some courts, notice was taken regarding non-observance of the LHC instructions to them to give top priority to the old cases. A report on the visit was also presented to the Chief Justice.\\