LAHORE (NNI) - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif while expressing dissatisfaction over the performance of Communication and Works Department, during his visit to Lahore-Kasur Road project has observed that the existing set up can not be tolerated and a radical change in the system is inevitable for rapid development of the province and timely and transparent completion of development projects. The chief minister said that the tales of corruption in Communication and Works Department are the talk of the town and a major portion of fund is swallowed by the commission mafia. He said the prevalent system can not deliver results and there is a need for a quantum change. He said in view of the inefficiency of the department, a decision should have been made much earlier as the Communication and Works Department has no inbuilt mechanism for the proper utilisation of funds, timely and transparent execution of development projects. He said no one can be allowed to feather his nest with public money and contracts for development projects will be awarded only to those companies, which qualify for it through a transparent process. He said the prevalent system of awarding of contracts is the root cause of corruption, ruination and the targets of development can not be achieved by keeping Communication and Works Department in the existing mode. He said that no officer of the department will be sacked but the inefficient officers will be sent to the pool.