LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on Sunday directed the completion of work on Lahore-Kasur Road by June 15 besides ordering to blacklist both the companies engaged in the construction work and to assign the remaining work to some other contractor for completion of the project. He issued these instructions during a briefing-meeting regarding Lahore-Kasur Road project at Liliani, district Kasur, on Sunday. Senator Parvaiz Rasheed, Members National and Provincial Assembly, Commissioner Lahore Division and senior officers of the departments concerned were present on the occasion. Secretary Communication and Works, Maj (R) Azam Suleman gave a detailed briefing regarding the pace of implementation of the project. He also issued instructions for stern disciplinary action against the officers and staff of Communication and Works Department and the companies found responsible for delay and substandard construction work. Shahbaz said that billions of rupees were wasted in the past due to corruption, plundering and nepotism in the execution of development projects and the important project of Lahore-Kasur Road worth four billion rupees is an example of that. He said that criminal negligence and inefficiency was shown towards completion of this project and had the present government not taken notice of this state of affairs, billions of rupees of public money would have gone down the drain. He said that huge development funds were wasted due to delay and poor standard of construction work. Every officer had a lame excuse, disregarding the fact that he was also answerable to Allah Almighty. He said that wealth could only be a source of honour and respect if it was earned through honest means. The Chief Minister said that after toppling the democratic government, the dictator made tall claims of his commitment to democracy and public service but the situation was totally different. He said that the dictator not only destroyed democratic institutions but also plundered national resources ruthlessly. He said that the hard-earned money of the people was wasted on substandard development proje-cts. He said that there was no mechanism to check sub-standard construction work and corruption in development projects during this period and payments of tens of millions of rupees were made without completion of development projects. He said that corruption in development projects is the outcome of tripartite unholy nexus between politicians, department officers and contractors. He said that corruption and dishonesty had brought the country to the present stage and had the resources been utilized properly, the county would not have been dependent on others nor the people would have been in such a pathetic condition. He said that he had visited Lahore- Kasur Road project four times and issued instructions for action against the engineer of the department concerned as well as early completion of the project by the contractors but the project was still pending due to which people were facing serious problems. The chief minister issued instructions for blacklisting the construction companies engaged in Lahore-Kasur Road project Hassnain Cotex and Eco-West and observed that the performance of Communication and Works Department is highly unsatisfactory and the Secretary concerned should plan for the future of the department. He further issued instructions for action against all officers related with the project who are responsible for delay and poor standard of construction work. He directed that the new contractor should complete the remaining work by June-15th by working round-the-clock and he will be rewarded with cash prize and commendatory certificate if the project was completed within the timeframe. He further said that present government had promoted corruption-free culture in the province and third-party audit system has been made compulsory for all development projects on the pattern of 1998 so that every penny of public money could be utilized on the welfare of the masses. He said that Pakistan is facing serious problems and load shedding has not only adversely affected industrial sector but also made the life of the people miserable. He said that a comprehensive strategy for generation of power is the need of the hour for national development and prosperity. He said that it is time for self-reformation for a bright future of a country and solution of peoples problems before it is too late. He said that there was a need for learning a lesson from the revolution of Kyrgyzstan and eliminate corruption from the society for resolving peoples problems and provision of basic amenities to the masses. He also announced release of funds of Rs 150 million for resuming work on Rohi Nullah Kasur.