Of late, peoples lives have become miserable due to frequent power outage. This menace is increasing day by day. The authorities seem to have turned a deaf ear to public sufferings. Instead of mitigating the sufferings of city dwellers, they announce more power cuts in near future almost with an air of vengeance. The timing for loadshedding has also been extended to more than 5 hours a day with every new day promising to bring new sufferings in the onset of the hot summer. For sometime, the government had adopted the policy of daylight saving. This step did not last long as it brought more suffering to all, especially for the tiny tots who were often found half-asleep on their way to school one hour earlier in the morning than they previously used to go. In this power crisis, the government must put a stop to illumination of skyscrapers, high-rise buildings and big establishments, especially on the days when it also gets into the act itself to mark some national days. -HASSAM AHMED, Karachi, April 10.