LAHORE - Expressing their concern over the Foreign Offices failure to act aggressively and maturely on issues of civil nuclear technology and expansion of UN Security Council, Souch, a think-tank has urged upon the Prime Minister to take personal interest on the said issues, as he did in the case of 18th Amendment. Talking to the media on Sunday, Souch Chairman Muha-mmad Mehdi said that 'Pakistan has got a good chance to convince the US for signing a civil nuclear deal with it like the one it had signed with India, but the foreign office is in deep slumber and has not been presenting its case forcefully to get the country accepted as a nuclear power'. He argued that at the time when US Presidents statement that Pakistan had a good command and control system for the protection of its nuclear assets, Islamabad must have gone for a major diplomatic offensive to prove that in fact it had the best nuclear safety standards in the world. He also did not see the foreign office active enough to hammer into the point that the nature of Islamabads nuclear programme was defensive unlike a neighbour, which is pursuing it as a matter of status. Mehdi, who is also a central leader of the PML-N, said Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani should lead the nation on this front to take advantage of the good gesture being showed by the US administration for Islamabad and should not leave it up to the foreign office. He regretted that the foreign office was also doing nothing on expansion of UN Security Council, as some aspirants for the seats were making hectic efforts to bring it on the agenda of the world body. He called for mobilising the Italy-Pak Coffee Club, a forum that had effectively aborted the earlier expansion attempt to counter another move being made by some aspirants for the Security Council seat. Parents concerned Sheikh Azhar and other parents of the affected students, who are facing expulsion from the Punjab University at the peak of their career, have expressed concern over the hard attitude of the PU Administration. Addressing a Press conference at the Press Club, they said that Vice-Chancellor Mujahid Kamran and Chairman Disciplinary Committee Iftikhar Baloch were running the future of students. They said that hundreds of students were at the end of their career, who are facing threats of expulsion for taking part in the positive activities of the varsity. They said that University's image was being tarnished by them. They threatened large scale protest if the students were expelled.