LAHORE - Terming General (R) Pervez Musharrafs assault against Imran Khan as a pack of lies and a figment of his warped imagination, Information Secretary Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Omar Sarfraz Cheema has described PTI Chief as the most credible, supremely patriotic, unbendingly honest and upright political leader of Pakistan. In a statement issued here on Sunday, he further said that the very notion of a principle-minded and conscientious Imran Khan vying to curry favour with a dictator merely to ascend to power is utterly absurd. Such absurdities can only be expected from a notorious usurper who earned universal ridicule for his tasteless and hyperbolic autobiography replete with flagrant inaccuracies and blatant lies. He went on to remind General Musharraf of his own statement of August 2004, in which the former military dictator had revealed Imran Khan as his preferred candidate for premiership. General Ihtishaam Zameer has also affirmed the fact that Imran Khan was Musharrafs favourite choice for Prime Ministership. The whole tenure of General Musharraf was duplicity and hypocrisy of the worst form, he fritted billions of rupees of national exchequer on the so called accountability drive but only to arrive at self serving deal in the form of NRO with the same corrupt politicians whom he had set out to hold accountable. Imran Khan and his party spearheaded the struggle against his dictatorial rule for eight long years and held aloft the banner of supremacy of constitution and independence of judiciary while Mushsarf was on the pinnacle of power with the so called champions of democracy living in self imposed exiles.