An international rights group on Sunday criticized Israel and Islamic Hamas movement for failing to conduct credible investigations into Gaza war in which Israeli bombing killed more than 1,400 Palestinians between December 2008 and January 2009. Only 13 Israelis were killed in two weeks of the conflict. Israel's investigations "lack thoroughness and credibility, while Hamas has conducted no credible investigations at all," the New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a report issued on Sunday. In February, the UN General Assembly gave the concerned parties another chance to present impartial probes by July, after it saw Israel and the Palestinian authorities failed to responded to conclusions of Justice Richard Goldstone who led a UN fact-finding mission into hostilities during the three-week offensive. HRW's 62-page report "Turning a Blind Eye: Impunity for Laws-of- War Violations during the Gaza War" details laws-of-war violations that Israel and Hamas conducted and calls for each side's international supporters to press their Middle East allies to bring to account all people responsible for violations. The issues Israel should have investigated were attacks on Hamas' political infrastructure, Hamas civil police and the usage of white phosphorus shells and the resumption of firing artillery 155 mm projectiles in Gaza after two years of ceasing fire, the organization said. And in Gaza, Hamas ordered hundreds of indiscriminate rocket attacks into Israeli communities near Gaza, killing three civilians. Hamas said it targeted only military targets, but HRW says Hamas' claim "ignores the fact that rockets fired into Israel that did not land in open terrain mostly hit civilian populated areas, including towns and cities, far from any military target."