General David Petraeus recently admitted that the main cause of anti-US sentiments in Muslim and Arab countries is the extreme bias of United States towards the Zionist state. Apparently inspired by Lyndon B. Johnsons phrase hearts and minds during the Vietnam War, former US President George Bush and now President Barack Obama have appointed special envoys to win the hearts and minds of the Muslim world. Their job is to help gather more support for the US war against terror and Al-Qaeda. But winning hearts and minds of Muslims is not possible as long as US is supporting the crimes of Israel, which the US officials insist, are committed as 'acts of self-defence. This non-sense, which the civilized world in general and Islamic world in particular has never accepted, must end. The head of US Joint Chiefs of Staff, George Brown, had once said that Israel is more a burden to the US than an asset. Most Muslims and Arabs have accepted the existence of Israel over time but there can never be total peace until rights of the Palestinians are fully returned and their territories of pre-1967 borders restored to them with certain adjustments in the West Bank, mainly the Arab northern Israel going to the Palestine state. Without the swift solution of Israel-Palestinian conflict, the war on terror would likely have fewer partners in the Muslim world. There is, then, the matter of Jerusalem, a city very sacred to Muslims as well as Jews. Israel may, through overwhelming might, 'Judaise the city, grab some more land. But this would only help groups like Al-Qaeda to grow and prosper in Middle East. And if that happens, the peace and security throughout the world would be undermined. It is time the US acts with wisdom. -JOSEPH ALPHINSTON, New York, April 11.