LAHORE - Pakistan need strong leadership to face challenges but unfortunately our politicians are weaker and they have no time to concentrate on public issues. A renowned poet and columnist Khalid Ahmad expressed these views at The Forum here on Sunday. He said we must evolved strong policy about Indian water aggression otherwise thing can turn against our interests. He said disintegration plans for Pakistan were projected in the book published in India titled: 'How to Destabilise Pakistan. He said India wants to disintegrate Pakistan in the name of Islam and that is why India is flaming sectarianism thorough arms and dollars to create sectarian disharmony in our country. We are well aware of it and these forces can never succeed, provided this information is made public, he added. Khalid Ahmad said Editor-in-Chief The Nation Majid Nizami is playing pivotal role by creating awareness regarding water issue and the nefarious designs of Indian hands behind the intention of disintegrating Pakistan. He said generation gap is a phrase for the 'lack of communication. Old and new are always pole-apart but we are a lucky generation. Our seniors poets always understood us and encouraged us, he added. He said now nobody was running Adabi Baithak in actual sense, adding now-a-day it has become a personal club for Younas Javed, Nasir Zaidi and Abbas Najmi. They come here after two months to see that the Baithak is running or not, he said. Sharing his literary background, he said being the youngest member of his family he knows little about his elders. Aeysha Jamal, Khadeja Mastoor, Tauseef Ahmad Khan and sister Shaida Khairi are known figures of Pakistani literature, while Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Tauseef Ahmad Khan, Zaheer Babar, Maulvi Zaqa-ur-Rehman, Ahmad Ali Khan, Hassan Abadi and Habibul Wahab-ul-Khairi are the known Pakistani journalists, he commented. Regarding his concealing entry in Urdu Literature with the name 'Zubair, he said Zubair Mehmood is a nephew of a star poet Saifuddin Saif. He was also known to Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, therefore whatever he wrote he used to put his name on the paper, so that his family members may not know that he (Khalid) was 'involved in any literary activity. He said Khawaja Meer Dard, Mir Taqi Mir, Ghalib, Hali and Iqbal are the milestones of our literary heritage. Iqbal symbolises the whole 'tradition and culminates into a 'New Thought for us. Faiz, Nadeem, Zaheer, Arif, and Abdul Aziz Khalid are his offshoots, he said and added commercialisation is nothing but popularity encashment and is a very old tradition, which could never put a break if it is present in our age, what can we do. He said now they put their demand and organisers fulfil their demand, as it is a demand and supply situation now.