KARACHI - The upcoming local bodies election would give a tough time to Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in its strong hold Lyari as several Lyari-based pressure groups, comprising of PPPs Jiyalas, have emerged against the PPP candidates elected from Lyari. It is worth mentioning here that Lyari, area of PPP die-hard workers, remain ignored because of the party decisions and ignorance. Various PPP groups of Lyari, staged protest rallies recently against their own government and representatives in which they forced the party leadership to withdraw their decisions and concede. It has been reported that in past, Lyari-based PPP groups have also warned the party leadership time-to-time that if their demands were not accepted or considered, the party may lose badly in the coming elections. The current dispute among the Jiyalas and the PPP leadership emerged when the administrator in Lyari Town was appointed without the consent of the Lyari workers. In the aftermath of the recent dispute, PPP workers have started campaigning against its own elected representatives and launching of new faces in the coming local bodies election and for the next general election. Political workers of the party have said that it would not be surprising that if the PPP workers of the areas take a different stand independent of the party directive. Similar confrontation had occurred in 2005 in local bodies election when a group PPP workers action committee was formed without its own candidates for Lyari Town and put up Muhammad Fayyaz as their candidate for Nazim against the PPP candidate Malik Muhammad Khan. Fayyaz defeated the PPP candidate that was the first defeat of PPP in its own stronghold. Secondly, in the last general bodies election when PPP gave ticket to Sardar Nabeel Gabol, a segment of PPP workers opposed the decision and brought their own candidate Shakoor Shad against Gabol. Sources said that the tragic incident of Benazir Bhuttos assassination defused the tension and Shad withdrew because the circumstances had changed and PPP supporters again decided to vote for the candidate who had been chosen by the PPP high command. In another incident when the PPP workers including Peoples Labour Bureau and newly formed Peoples Aman Committee (PAC) again took to the streets when the PPP minister and leaders chose an outside officer for the slot of administrator of Lyari Town. Differences between the leadership and workers rose after the last decision because inhabitants of Lyari sought an administrator from Lyari. They forced Sindh government to withdraw the decision and urged them to appoint TMO as administrator of Lyari. Another reason behind the confrontation was the encounter of Rehman Baloch commonly known as Dacoit conducted within the government of PPP. People of Lyari earnestly believed that Rehman Baloch was hugely influential in any kind of election in Lyari. His support to any candidate was enough to ensure victory. Residents of Lyari would hardly support the candidates of Bilawal House (PPP headquarters) in the next election either local bodies or general. They want to bring their own people from amongst PPP Jiyalas as candidates. On one side, when the PPP-led government spent billions of rupees on several projects including health, education and other developments, but on the other side, the Lyarities are still not satisfied and said that despite the allocation of big amount for the developments in Lyari, nothing has been done on the ground. In the name of 'Lyari Development Project initiated by President Asif Ali Zardari, a huge grant was allotted by both President Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani but unfortunately funds were misused and no major perceptible change has been witnessed in the town. For the first time in the history of the country, Lyari was given a huge representation in the federal and provincial government as one state minister, two provincial ministries, two advisors of Sindh government and one senator have been chosen from the stronghold of PPP. Interestingly, the ministers got votes from Lyari but were living in the posh areas of the City. Therefore despite the big share in the cabinet, common people of Lyari are still waiting to see the benefits. It was also witnessed in the previous general election of 1997, PPP won the national assembly seat from Lyari with the nominal lead of only 175 votes. PPP have won seats in Lyari since its formation by its slain founder Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. The former President and PM ZA Bhutto won the Lyari seat for national assembly by getting over 0.1 million votes. Similarly, Benazir Bhutto and currently President Asif Ali Zardari had also bagged record victories from Lyari but now PPP is speedily losing its popularity. The PPP critics have termed it as negligence of PPP elected representatives.