The post-18th amendment disturbances in Hazara region were not unexpected. As you might recall, the ruling coalition cartel of MQM, PPP, MMA and ANP had designed the agenda in such a way that issue of the name change of NWFP was relegated to the eleventh hour of CRC discussions. An ugly controversy ensued and although it was temporarily resolved, there was an immediate rejection of the name 'Pakhtoonkhwah in Hazara regions the moment it was announced. The malafide was crystal clear to people because for the past many months the PPP, particularly President Zardari himself, had started calling the province Pakhtoonkhwah even in official meetings. That was ultra vires of the constitution. All this has resulted into further division, polarization of the nation. Look at MQM, though, which has lost no time at all in calling for a break up of Punjab by creating a Seraiki province in a transparent attempt to give Zardari an opportunity to play footsy in Punjab. I think as long as President Zardari holds the duel offices of party head and head of the state, he would continue calling the shots and would poke his irksome nose in every affair of the state on a day to day basis. It is imperative that the Parliament puts a stop it or the Supreme Court of Pakistan takes suo moto notices to bring an end to the presidential violations of constitution. -Z. I. REHMATULLAH, Dubai, April 10.