ISLAMABAD - An interesting tale has emerged from the suspension of SHO and two other cops of Sabzimandi Police Station. According to details, they have been made scapegoats on last Friday while handling a crime incident in which the rival groups have been trying to grab a manufacturing unit situated in the Sector I-11. Insiders said that these officials had been punished for a crime they had not committed; rather they had been punished by senior police officers to cover up their personal involvement in the incident. The man at the helm of affairs dealing with the situation directed the SHO to resolve the issue by taking on board the other party claiming rightful owners of the factory. Bad luck to the SHO and his two subordinates, they were caught red handed by a court bailiff that raided and recovered the people detained by the Sabzimandi Police. Sources said that the senior police officers turned gainst the SHO after the bailiff had recovered the detainees. Subsequently, SHO and his two subordinates were suspended for their misconduct in unlawfully detaining the people. Sources said that one Imran Munir had brought the aforementioned detained people to the police station. He told the police that these persons had illegally occupied a factory of his relative. Imran Munir is accused of having been in the custody of an intelligence agency for spying for a neighbouring country and was produced before the apex court a couple of years ago. Later, on the court directives he was admitted in PIMS and Islamabad Police provided him five guards for his protection. After making good relations with guards, Imran Munir on Friday had gone in Sector I-11 and picked up seven persons from the factory while impersonating himself as a SP to get possessions of a disputed factory for his friend. According to insider Imran Munir brought seven persons to the police station on Fridays morning at 6:30 am where they remained till the arrival of court bailiff, which reached there after 4:00 pm. According to police sources, (SHO) Inspector Iqbal Khan cannot be held responsible, as he has initiated the action on the directives of the senior. I was instructed by my bosses even DIG Bani Ameen called me through telephone at 11:00 am and inquired about the incident. The DIG also asked me to make decision on the merit. SHO said while talking to TheNation. However, It was also learnt that on the day of incident Imran Munir also visited the DIG office after leaving the arrested person in police station and met the DIG. So question is here that if the incident was in the notice of police officers then why they did not order the SHO to release all persons immediately. The SHO said that throughout the day he remained busy to sort out the issue. According to him he made several calls to other party led by Malik Ramzan but they paid no heed on his calls. Later, Malik Ramzan brought court bailiff and it recovered seven detainees from the police station. When this illegal practice of police was exposed by the bailiff, the high-ups of Islamabad Police made scapegoats the SHO and his two subordinates, who were, earlier, instructed to settle down the dispute on merit. However, an FIR of the incident was registered against the M Din, Imran Munir and his police guards, who took part in this illegal practice. It is high time for Inspector General of Islamabad Police to conduct an impartial inquiry into the incident.