ISLAMABAD The Government of Pakistan Peoples Party has again failed to secure the rights of innocent farmers, as the sugar millers are exploiting them by delaying their payments. Many farmers from different areas of the country while talking to TheNation said that they could feel the total absence of government while the sugar millers were panicking them, as they had sold their commodity to these millers without getting any money on the spot. Kamran, a farmer, said that farmers have no other source of income and they put their efforts the whole year on the sugarcane crop with a hope that it would provide them the finances for their living. He said that farmers were still unpaid by the millers and were forced to lead a miserable life. It is the responsibility of the Government to force the millers to pay the growers immediately, he added. Certain quarters believe that millers generally use the farmers money in their other businesses to mint money. For that purpose they do not take into consideration the problems being faced by the farmers. It is also pertinent to mention here that politicians own most of the sugar mills. Abdur Rehman, a farmer, expressed his grief over the situation that he and other farmers have to face and said, These politicians, if they were loyal to their voters and this country, should stop exploiting us and learn to sacrifice their desires. It is also pertinent to mention here that Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif and his family also own several sugar mills in Punjab. Muzamil, a sugarcane grower, said, If not the Federal Government, at least Punjab Government must take action and get their amounts released from the millers. Mian Sahib should prove that their business interests were not on priority as compared to the duty assigned to them that was serving the people of Punjab in every positive way.