The real thing that needs watching is not the passage of the 18th Amendment, but what is happening in Kyrgyzstan where the Interior Minister has been killed. If any other minister had been killed, it would have shown that the Kyrgyz people were rude, but the killing of the Interior Minister shows how barbarous they are. Imagine a similar situation in Pakistan, where the Interior Minister is Rehman Malik. If things were to happen to him, not only would we lose an Interior Minister, but the USA would have to find someone else to fight their War for them. The Kyrgyz people have shown their lack of commitment to the War, or perhaps they deserved nothing more. Being Interior Minister is not enough, so you have to be a Warrior on Terror (or rather the one true and indispensable Warrior), if you need the guarantee of eternal life which is being given by the Americans to counter the guarantee of Heaven given to suicide bombers. And while the Interior Minister was offering the supreme sacrifice (admittedly, vicariously, through his Kyrgyz counterpart but supreme nonetheless), what were some PPP ministers doing? Offering Shoaib Malik support in his impending marriage to Indian tennis player Sania Mirza. It was instructive to see the Hindu extremist parties condemning the marriage, and the number of Muslim young men following these parties, and looking to them to defend their rights, is known to us all. But we also know the reaction if Sania Mirza had decided to marry a Hindu youth. They would have condemned it as spoiling a Hindu home. So what objection do they have to a Munda Sialkoti? And anyway, Shoaib Malik doesnt need PPP Ministers to help him get married to anyone, not even a girl from Hyderabad Deccan. And his heart is in Hyderabad, because apart from Sania Mirza, the other girl, Ayesha Siddiqui, was also from Hyderabad Deccan, though it isnt known if she plays tennis. But all of Shoaibs companions have sworn she wasnt the girl Shoaib showed them. Maybe sportsmen have a different ethic about this, but if theyre telling the truth, that means there was a third girl with memories of Shoaib, also in Hyderabad. Thats a little surprising, because Hyderabad (both) are better known for their cricket than their tennis. And in Pakistani Hyderabad, Shoaib only played one one-dayer, scoring 4 of his 5141 one-day international runs, and taking only one of 132 wickets. As for his 1517 runs in Tests, and 19 wickets, none have been scored or taken in any sort of Hyderabad. Yet he found a wife in Hyderabad Deccan. And one for one-day internationals, as well as the third girl for the third form of international cricket, the T20 international. PPP ministers did not help in the scoring of any of these runs, or the taking of any of these wickets, and should have been busier with the passage of the 18th Amendment, which we are being made to believe is the best thing that happened to this nation since the invention of fresh bread. With the 18th having passed the National Assembly just in time for the Nuclear Summit, it has given the PM something to take there with him. The Senate passage can take place later, or maybe not at all, because it would mean the president would be without his powers, which he must have if there is to be sense to his being the President at all. We must always keep in mind how the world community would react if these powers were indeed withdrawn. Most notably the Swiss courts, which have not yet got a message. But finding Shoaib Malik a wife, fascinating business as it might be, should be best left to him. After all, he is ranked 84th among all-rounders, and 84th among bowlers. That is not a ranking which any of his supporters ever enjoyed. In fact, none of them ever had a ranking. Except of course, Rehman Malik, when he was not busy offering the supreme sacrifice, who also belongs to Sialkot, and about whom you dare not say anything unless you want to face blasphemy charges. It was perhaps inevitable he would find the woman tennis player in the region with a ranking of 90. Incidentally, that rankings business is probably going to be a cause of disputes. Bachelors may think rankings dont matter, but married men know better. Shoaib Malik might end up wondering about Ayesha Siddiquis ranking in any sport in the world.