LAHORE - Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munwar Hassan, has said that the US has intensified its campaign against Pakistans nuclear programme on the pretext of a nuclear imbalance due to Pakistan and Indias nuclear stockpiles. Commenting on a statement by US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton from Washington on the issue on Sunday, he counselled Islamabad not to fall in the US trap on this score and refuse to compromise on the issue, adding that the nation would not accept that. The US Secretary of State said in Washington that that the manner in which India and Pakistan have pursued atomic weapons had upset the balance of nuclear deterrence. Munawar said that the US Secretary had mentioned India only as a passing reference and Pakistan was the actual target. He said Hilarys statement that the US was working hard with both India and Pakistan to make sure that their nuclear stock piles were well tended to and did not fall in extremists hands clearly indicated that she was referring only to Pakistan because in US eyes, Muslims alone were extremists. The US did not find any extremist in Israel or India, he remarked. He said the US was in fact the patron of Israeli and Indian nuclear programmer and it had defense and nuclear pacts with India. Therefore, US Secretarys mention of India was only to hoodwink the world and sheer hypocrisy. JI blasts wrong policies of govt The Labour Committee of the Jamaat-e-Islami has blasted the political and economic policies of the government leading to price hike, lawlessness, unemployment and unprecedented load shedding. JI deputy chief and former Senior Minister, NWFP, Sirajul Haq, while presiding over the meeting, said that the prolonged load shedding had led to the closure of hundred of industrial units. He condemned Islamabads silence over Irans offer of electricity on low rates. Sirajul Haq said unfortunately, the country was still in the grip of political suffocation and economic crisis of Pervez Musharrafs era. The burden of foreign and internal loans had multiplied and 40 per cent of the countrys population was living below poverty line.