PUNE (India) The medical condition of Terry Jenner, the coach of the Australian legend Shane Warne is still slightly better, according to the head nurse at Harefield Hospital. Speaking to this paper, she said, he has been shifted from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to Medical Care Unit on late Friday night, and added, his condition here is stable. When requested to allow Jenner on telephone line, she said, the patient is not allowed to receive calls. As per the confidentiality law in UK, the patients condition is not divulged except to the close relatives. He had been rushed to Harefield Hospital after suffering a heart attack within two days of his arrival in England after working with Warne in India in IPL matches. Jenner played nine Tests for Australia in the 1970s but more recently has been known as the coach of Warne and others including South Australian pair Cullen Bailey and Daniel Cullen and Englishman Adil Rasheed. Our best wishes are with Terry and his family but we do not want to comment, said Shane Warnes brother Jason from Australia. In 1988, Jenner was sentenced to six and a half years in prison after stealing funds from his employer in order to repay gambling debts. He was, however, released after 18 months becoming a leg spinning advisor to the Cricket Academy in Adelaide where he is credited with being instrumental in the success of Shane Warne. He is now a respected coach who travels the world advising on leg spin. He was primarily a leg spin bowler and was known for his attacking, loopy style of bowling but he was also a handy lower-order batsman. He is also a radio cricket commentator for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).