On national days and special occasions we pledge that we are united and will fight back any effort to make us weak. The speeches, discussions and talk shows on all forums highlight that we would not be divided on the basis of ethnicity and linguistics. We would not fall prey to any propaganda of negative elements who exploit to create a rift among us and let us down. People from all walks of life promise to set aside the egoist tendencies and display a honourable national character. Our national identity is sacred to us and we swear to take care of it with dignity and honour. We would live with high standards of morality and set a good example for our new generations. We would look after issues seriously and avoid victimization and confrontation. And we commit again and again to make our country great, powerful and strong in all fields. But why do we forget all our promises and pledge when some of us are involved in corruption and nepotism and let the name of our country down. Our inner confrontations on the political front are displayed sometimes on the name of a province, sometimes in the provision of basic amenities of life, price hike and ignoring issues of development and welfare of the common man. Why do we not emphasize on good governance? Why do we not focus on real issues of today and tomorrow? Why we forget our mission of making our country and nation strong? Why after one day of solidarity, all promises and pledges are shelved and forgotten? -ANWAR PARVEEN, Rawalpindi, April 10.