Today, almost all elements of the state are vociferously voicing their disproval for transfer of Higher Education Commission to the provinces. All of them are of the view that, it will ensure the sad demise of the Commission. By seeing this huge hue and cry, PML-N as usual has started singing according to the gallery. But Peoples Party has come up with very plausible answer to all this criticism by saying that after passing of 18th amendments in the Constitution, the matter of higher education has become a provincial issue. So, it has to shift higher education to the provinces, and could not go against the Constitution Peoples Party is right; why should it go against the Constitution? There were representations of all the parties, including PML (N), in the committee responsible for drawing the 18th amendments? Why then they, particularly this party did not take notice of such grave issues before passing the amendments? More seriously, why all the proceedings of the Constitution Amendment Committee were held in camera? Why these were not made public at that time? Why the media was completely silent on behind the door activities regarding the most important and the biggest amendments in Pakistan? I think, there is something dangerously wrong with Pakistan, and with all its issues. I think some people like to make issues, and play havoc with the nerves of the people. I think a genuine committed leadership should come up now and try to put the country on the right track. SYED SAYEF HUSSAIN, Karachi, April 10.