The public in general and intelligentsia in particular are really wary of the present government. Everyone feels that there is no government and the rulers are just passing time to complete their tenure of five years i.e till 2013. Every day, one hears a new scandal and a wrong step taken by the government where the supreme court has to take a suo moto notice and mostly the government has to take back their decision or make a 'U' turn. The government on the other hand is bent upon to take wrong decisions in appointing known corrupt people on key posts without seeing the merit, awarding contracts to their favourites even if they are black listed, parrying the Supreme Court decisions and wasting time on non issues. In every TV talk show, the PPP spokespersons defend all the wrongdoings of the government and only recount the " Qurbanis" of their leaders especially late ZA Bhutto and late Benazir Bhutto. The public really appreciates the stamina and tolerance of Supreme Court for taking up every case and working round the clock to hear these cases which are made mostly only to gain time. The PPP government has two key persons who are most hated in the public whose job is only to befool the nation and gain time. One is looking after the legal side and creating hurdles for the courts by bringing up new issues and parrying the judgements of the highest court. The other is busy in following the policy of reconciliation at every cost. He shuttles around within the country and outside the country to make a truce with the annoyed leaders. Both should have resigned or dismissed long time back for inefficiency, corruption and making false statements to the public. Both have unlimited money at their disposal to carry out their tasks. The public strongly believes in Allah's justice system, who gives a long rope to all such people for some time and then one day He takes them to task which becomes an eye opener for the coming generations. So I warn the rulers to fear that day and start the governance of the leftover country with justice, fair play and on merit. They should rule the nation through their hearts and keep a hand on their pulse rather than looting and plundering the leftover country. Time of bluffing the nation is over now and should get ready for the accountability. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, April 10.