French President Nicolas Sarkozy got it monumentally wrong in Libya and now it appears he has got it monumentally wrong in France. While France cavorts with international terrorists in Libya, now French citizens will have a dress code imposed upon them. Did the French obey local dress codes during centuries of imperialist practices? From the 16th to the 20th centuries, France colonised vast swathes of territory, including many areas inhabited by Muslims. Did the French colonial and imperial masters adopt the customs and lores and laws of the territories they had occupied with the Bible and the bullet? Or did France for example slaughter between 500,000 and 1.5 million Algerians during the Algerian War of independence? Did France keep Algerians in barbed wire fences? Did French troops target civilian structures and agricultural produce? Has France ever accepted its responsibility in the Algerian genocide? What did the French do in Setif and Guelma? Why are the French today doing the same in Libya? Why did the French armed forces massacre 45,000 civilians in Setif and Guelma? Why did the French Air Force commit terrorist attacks against civilians in Algerian villages? Why were European prisoners released to commit crusader massacres against Muslims? Why can Muslim women not act and dress as they please in France today? Why is Sarkozy stupid? Is Sarkozy stupid? Yes, he is. Obtuse, idiotic and a pucker little fascist. The man is an idiot, a racist and a xenophobe. Imposing a ban on face-covering Islamic veils...why doesnt he send his gendarmes into Christian churches to arrest the brides every Saturday and Sunday between now and the end of the summer? Pravda