JHANG - Ten out of a total 91 nomination papers filed for four National Assembly seats while 16 out of 179 papers filed for seven Punjab Assembly slots here have been rejected.

Sixteen people had filed papers for NA-88 Jhang 1. The papers of all aspirants of the constituency were accepted. For NA-89 Jhang 2, 37 candidates’ papers out of 32 were accepted while papers of five candidates including ex-federal minister for education Sheikh Waqas Akram were rejected. For NA-90 Jhang 3, all the 19 candidates’ papers were declared correct.

For NA-91 Jhang 4, 14 papers out of 19 were accepted while papers of 5 candidates were rejected. For PP-76, 20 candidates filed papers and 19 papers were declared correct while papers of one candidate were found incorrect. For PP-77, out of 26, 24 aspirants’ papers were accepted. For PP-78, papers of only one person out of 52 applicants were rejected and for PP- 79, 28 aspirants submitted papers while two candidates were declared ineligible. For PP-80, 18 candidates filed papers out of which 15 aspirants were given a green signal. For PP-82, 19 candidates filed papers out of which the papers of 13 candidates were accepted. For PP-83, 16 candidates’ papers except of one were rejected.