SARGODHA - The newly appointed DPO Sultan Ahmad Chaudhry has transferred all 27 Station House Officers (SHO’s) across the district.

According to the notification, Inspector Khurram Anwar has been posted as SHO City Sargodha, Inspector Akhtar Nawaz SHO Satellite Town, Inspector Nasir Nawaz SHO Cantt, Inspector Muhammad Asif SHO Sajid Shaheed, Inspector Muhammad Sikandar SHO Urban Area, Inspector  Shahid Nazir SHO Sadar Sargodha, Inspector Tariq Ahmad Shah SHO  Jhal Chakian, Inspector Shafi Ullah SHO Atta Shaheed, Inspector Muhammad Ameer SHO Kirana, Inspector Khuda Bakhsh SHO Sahiwal, Inspector Khurram Anwar SHO City, Inspector Rab Nawaz SHO Tirkhanwala, Inspector Muhammad Afzal SHO Sadar Bhalwal, Inspector Shahzad Faiz SHO Bhalwal City, Inspector Khan Ameer SHO Bhera, Inspector Muhammad Iqbal SHO Miani, Inspector Malik Khalid Mehmood SHO Phularwan, Inspector Muhammad Sultan SHO Kotmomin, Inspector Arshad Abbas SHO Midh Ranjha, Inspector Ahmad Abbas SHO Mela, Inspector Munir Badar SHO Silllanwali, Inspector Mulazim  Hussain SHO Laxian, Inspector Muhammad Afzal SHO Shahpur City, Sub-Inspector Azhar Hussain SHO Factory Area, Sub-Inspector Fazal Qadir SHO  Shahpur Sadar, Sub-Inspector Ali Nawaz SHO Bhagtawala, Sub-Inspector Muhammad Safdar SHO Shahnikdar, Sub-Inspector Mansha Ilahi SHO Jhawerian. The newly posted SHOs’ after assuming the charge have started working. Meanwhile Commissioner Sargodha has transferred 40 Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars across the Sargodha Division.

Scrutiny finalised:  Scrutiny proceedings of nomination papers for five National Assembly and 11 Provincial Assembly seats have been finalised in the district.

Out of 118, 108 nomination papers have been accepted for the five NA seats in the district.

Whereas, 267 including six women and two minority candidates, out of 296 candidates are declared eligible for 11 Punjab Assembly seats in the district.

The candidates with rejected nomination papers are striving for the submission of their appeals while others have expedited their activities in respective constituencies to convince voters.