LONDON   - Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird handed over a case of beer to his US counterpart John Kerry after losing a bet on a women’s ice hockey championships. “While the Canadian women played tremendously well and almost pulled it off, they didn’t quite make it unfortunately against our American friends,” Baird laughed as he handed over a case of Molson Canadian.

The two men had bet on the 2013 International Ice Hockey Federation Women’s World Championship between the US and Canada late Tuesday in which the American team scored a 3-2 victory.

Baird also donated a case of Beau’s beer from Vankleek Hill, Ontario for the US embassy staff in Ottawa. Kerry had staked a case of Sam Adams on the game.

“We’re very, very happy. I’m delighted that the American team won the game, but I salute our great Canadian friends and extraordinary group of athletes on both sides,” Kerry said.