Without prejudice to former President of Pakistan Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf or incumbent President Asif Ali Zardari or for that matter Nawaz Sharif as per Global Post none but Imran Khan has been ranked amongst nine most powerful leaders of the world. Where none of the three mentioned earlier have any place proves who is who. Incidentally, it must be mentioned that all other persons except Imran Khan are either rulers in their countries or holding international position whereas Imran does not fall under such category which as such elevates him a bit higher than those.

The rating relates to the year 2012 and the list is headed by none but Christine Logarde, who despite being a lady has been appointed to head International Monetary Fund (IMF) which oversees the activities of financial institutions of as many as 188 countries, which is not a joke but a gigantic task. Earlier Forbes adjudged her as 8th most powerful woman on earth. At number two one finds the most powerful person, American President Barrack Obama who is ruling the country for the second term, which is the last term in any case. He despite being a black is the 1st president of the country who has been very seriously challenged, won the elections with very little margin.

Amazingly we find Imran Khan at number three, which is a great honor not only for him but for all of Pakistan. Imran who as was the captain of Pakistan Cricket team and was able to win the World Cup, left the game and embarked upon establishing the first  cancer hospital in the country. Imran after establishing Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, Lahore which is internationally recognized cancer hospital had earned so many laurels that people started loving him. He formed Tehreek-e-Insaf Party (TIP) with a slogan of ‘making new Pakistan’ wherein youth are given due share and even an ordinary person has been issued ticket to contest the election. Realizing that those who are poor but contesting election cannot afford to spend on electioneering Imran set up a new bank account and asked philanthropists to donate money for the noble cause.

Then we have Hillary Clinton at number four, who was Foreign Minister for USA. This brings into forefront the stature that Imran Khan in the international circles. Let’s all give him a chance to prove his worth.


Kuwait, April 6.