I would like to address the law enforcement agency the Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICTP) and bring to their notice a shocking incident where I was humiliated by a police constable.

I am sure that the organization must have a vision, objectives, and goals, and they all must have been trained on the issues of behavior and kind of language to be used? The incident I am going to tell reflects the harsh treatment that other citizens are subjected to on a daily basis.

I happened to be in front of Chateau Royal Guest House in Islamabad on Monday March 25, 2013; it was the day our new caretaker PM had to take oath. My only fault was that I told my guest that I would pick him up from Chateau Royal. This comes on the route the caretaker PM would take. I parked my car and was waiting when a policeman standing near me asked me to move the car. I told him I was there to pick up a friend and would leave in a few minutes. He started abusing me using language that horrified me. He kept on abusing me and it became the longest two minutes of my life I was humiliated, disrespected, disgraced, and degraded; it was so embarrassing for me. It did not stop here, a sub-inspector who was in-charge, sitting in a nearby police van, came over and said some more atrocious words.

I grew up in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and have been working for some major MNCs (Multinational Corporations) but I have never encountered an officer of a protective organization, hired to provide us security use such language, it was just ego and naked power. I always gave credit to organizations like Motorway Police, Islamabad Traffic police and somewhat to Islamabad police and was an advocate for these departments. Sadly after becoming a victim of such mortification myself I feel that people were justified in not respecting our security organizations. All I want to know is why can’t the police act like human beings instead of barbarians? I always thought that the word ‘police’ stood for being ‘polite-obedient-loyal-intelligent-courageous-encouraging.’ The policeman is hired to protect everyone not just the elite. They need to be properly trained and taught some manners. There language needs to be checked and degrees verified. Is there an education requirement for inducting someone into the police department? Are these educated people? They need to improve treatment of common citizen, regardless of gender, outlook, and appearances.

I don’t expect or want any action but request you to be aware of such people in police; it reflects badly on the leadership. As a man is known by the company he keeps so is a leader know by his workers. Public’s judgment goes to the person who is running the organization, not to the people who are responsible on the ground. They need to reflect the training and vision of their leaders.


Islamabad, April 3.