KHANEWAL (INP) - A 26-year-old schoolteacher was kidnapped and gang raped while on her way to work here the other day.

As per detail, some passers-by found a woman lying in a field after being gang rapped. She was taken to hospital to a nearby Rural Health Centre where during medico-legal examination it was confirmed that she had been raped. Doctors at the centre said she might need surgery.

Police registered a case against three suspects pointed by her family.

According to Police, the teacher was kidnapped on her way to school on April 8. She was tortured and gang raped before being thrown in the field near her home.

Some neighbours spotted the woman and informed police. She told police that three men had bundled her into a car and taken her to Shorkot in Jhang district. She said that five men had raped her for two days.

When her condition deteriorated, they threw her in the field and fled, she said.