LAHORE – Former chief minister Shahbaz Sharif has demanded reshuffle in bureaucracy of the federal government and other provinces like Punjab.

“Favourite babus pose a question mark on the fairness of elections as the caretakers have not make changes in the bureaucracy of the Centre and other provinces,” Shahbaz regretted in a statement.

He said the majority of officers in federal departments, including NAB, Nadra and FBR were handpicked by the PPP and their stay casts doubts on free and fair election.

The former CM said: “We all know about the procedures and standards the PPP adopted while employing these officers.”

He said the chief secretary of Sindh was not transferred though the Election Commission of Pakistan had ordered his removal weeks ago. In another violation of ECP’s directives, he added, former Punjab chief secretary Nasir Khosa had not been posted to Sindh.

“If the ECP can write to the prime minister to express its annoyance over a federal minister’s comment in favour of Nawaz Sharif, why can’t it ask the PM to reshuffle a biased administration?” Shahbaz demanded the ECP to assert pressure on the federal government to get its order implemented. “I hope the ECP, under Fakhru Bhai, will meet its obligations and ensure a level playing field,” the former CM said.