PAKPATTAN - College teachers have launched a new organisation ‘Anjuman Haqooq-e-Asatiza and Farogh-e-Taleem Punjab’ to protect their rights and promote education in the province.

Prof Mohsin Raza Joyia, newly elected President of the body, said that poor results of students at college level were because of failed administration of Higher Education Department.

He blamed that according to the Academic Calendar of higher education department, a send-up test was necessary at every college which was conducted on March 15to 20 all over the province. But due to the least interest of field administration of Higher education, he said, the test was not conducted seriously.

He also demanded that admissions of students with low attendance should not be sent. He further said that present organisation of teachers had failed to improve the status of teachers and involved in politics.

On the occasion, new office-bearers of the organization were also elected. Mohsin joyia as president, Professor Abdul-Rehman as SVP, Prof Rahmat Ali Shad VP, Prof Iftekhar Ahmed G Secretary, Tahir Masood as Finance Secretary and Prof Naveed Agaz as information secretary.