Kabul- First vice president, Mohammad Younus Qanooni emphasizing on strengthening ties with Pakistan has said that both Afghanistan and Pakistan were targets of terrorism.

He expressed these views during a courtesy meeting with new ambassador of Pakistan Abrar Hussain. Qanooni said that he was desirous, the new ambassador to play an active and positive role in establishment of a new chapter in relations between the two friendly and neighboring countries.

According to BNA, with focusing attention to the situation of the region, first vice president during his meeting commemorated that Afghanistan and Pakistan both were the target of terrorists and everyone was victimized. Qanooni added that we were in favor of strengthening amicable ties and ever-further expansion of all-out cooperation between our countries. We believe that through a serious and constructive negotiation plan, existing problems would be eliminated. It was in the benefit of both nations. New ambassador of of Pakistan Abrar Hussain expressed his happiness in regard with meeting with the first vice president. He presented the literal congratulatory message of Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif that was dispatched addressing to Qanooni and said that Pakistan was in favor of establishment of peace in Afghanistan.