LAHORE - PPP Senator Aitzaz Ahsan has said that a friction like situation has emerged among the State institutions which has taken the shape of direct threats to democratic system in the country and it seems as if the government has touched any ‘sacred cow’.

Aitzaz has said that the present government is under huge pressure and in case of any serious threat to democracy or the government, they will stand with Nawaz Sharif and his government. He expressed these views while talking to media in lower courts on Friday.

Aitzaz said that he would reveal surprising facts regarding the elections results of NA-124, the constituency from where PML-N chief contested elections and won his seat. Aitzaz said that the scrutiny of 243 ballet papers out of 246 had been completed in NA-124 while 21 ballet papers were still missing.  He further stated that they would issue a white paper soon and get people know the realities in the constituency concerned.

Talking about the challenges of the present government, Atizaz said that all efforts being made to derail the democratic system in the country and pressure on the government was increasing day by day.

He said, however, all facts and information would be provided to the people of country because it was their right.

Answering a question, Aitzaz said that Pakistan Protection Bill was not presented in Senate and nothing could be said about it until it was approved.