LAHORE (PR): Bil Foods CEO Amer Kamal had a sitting with The Nation’s reporting team and shared his views and story about Fatburger opening in Pakistan and its distinctive service in Pakistan food industry. He cited the facts about Fatburger and its unique, fresh recipe of relishing taste.

In January 2013, Fatburger opened its first branch in Karachi. Amer Kamal was in an idea to bring this multinational food chain in Pakistan. Owing to the success of the burgers and positive response by Pakistanis, Fatburger opened its biggest flagship outlet globally on June, 2013 in Lahore. Fat burger’s CEO Andy Wiederhorn was also present at the launching ceremony. Fatburger was founded by Lovie Yancey on Western Avenue in Los Angeles, California in 1947. It was originally named “Mr. Fatburger” until the “Mr.” was removed by Yancey in 1952. At that time she bought out her start-up partners and retained ownership until 1990, keeping only the original store for herself.

Fatburger remained mostly a California chain until the late 1990s, when it began an expansion in North America. For several months in 2006, the company was barred from selling additional franchises in California. Kamal informed that Fatburger doesn’t serve the long preserved food to its guest. “At Fatburger, there is only fresh and live cooking experience and no preservation is done to store meat and other ingredients of any product,” he said.

To a question, Kamal said that their burger is healthy and has fewer calories, saying that ‘We use lean meat of corn-fed animals to avoid extra fat intake by consumer’. “We have put dietary or nutrition chart on our web portal for health conscious guests,” he added.

Furthermore, he said, “Like other reputed and well-known restaurants we do not import half-cooked or processed patty, rather we import processed and certified Halal meat from other countries. We prepare patties of processed meat here according to our need (according to the volume of our guest). And this is how we stand unique in the market.” He further said, “We allow our guests to experience live cooking.” Kamal said, “We send 12 management people to other countries for getting international hospitality service training. Upon return, they train all the crew members and employees according to the intentional standards.” Furthermore, he added, we quarterly take our crew appraisal according to international SOPs. “Till now we have opened two stores in Pakistan; one in Karachi and other in Lahore.” Furthermore, Kamal also told us about his company’s future plan in Pakistan. He said we are running 2 stores in our country and so far we have received excellent response. “Therefore we are planning to bring 7 to 10 more stores to Pakistan. By the end of the June 2014, we will inaugurate our new store in Islamabad.” “By opening more Fatburger stores in Pakistan, we will create more job opportunities within the country. Approximately 400 to 500 people will be hired,” he informed. He concluded by saying “Eat well stay well”.