While 9 cricket boards, from the test membership have approved the International Cricket Committee (ICC) revamp, for their personal interest, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is the only board that currently disapproves the structural and governance reforms of the International Cricket Committee. The resolution that was passed includes, setting up a five-man executive council, with seats reserved for India, England and Australia, who are leading financial power in the world of cricket. Earlier, the profit share of the ICC was divided between all the 10 test nations equally but now India, England and Australia would be getting larger share while the rest would be divided between the seven countries.

Even with Pakistan getting an increase in its financial share, former and the current PCB chairman(s) have opposed the revamp strongly. One reason for the opposition that could be given is India’s track record of decision-making for its own good, we all remember the UDRS issue?

But now that 9 boards are in favor of the revamp, while PCB stands alone in this fight, one would think that it’s useless, for PCB to still hold its stance against the revamp. Rameez Raja said we should try to accept the proposal and get long-term financial benefits out of it. However, recently Najem Sethi said that ‘Big 3’ had offered Pakistan to join them and to make it the ‘Big 4.’

Now this brings up many questions, why would the ‘Big 3’ want Pakistan to join its forces? A country where there isn’t any international cricket taking place, what could that country offer to the ‘Big 3’? Is it that one vote against the revamp forcing the ‘Big 3’ to offer Pakistan this chance? Does our single vote of disapproval really hold that much value?


Rawalpindi, April 7.