ISLAMABAD - In the wake of the two terrorists attacks in the federal capital, a security audit report prepared by Islamabad Special Branch Police highlights weak security arrangements at the city's important buildings including Parliament House, Supreme Court of Pakistan and worship places of non-Muslims.

An official source in the Ministry of Interior informed on Friday that the security audit report had been submitted with the ministry that suggested enhancement of security of certain important buildings of the city with certain security measures.

The security audit report has been submitted with the ministry just a day after a bomb ripped through the fruit and vegetable market.

The buildings and places where the security audit report has highlighted the security lapses include Parliament House, Ministers Enclave, Supreme Court, FIA Headquarters, Comsat University, Centaurus Mall, National Police Academy, Police Lines Headquarters, Foreign Office. The report also pinpoints security loopholes at worship places of non-Muslims, important public places, residences of foreigners, Saudi Pak Tower and Bari Imam Shrine.

"A number of other security agencies have also obtained the security audit report prepared by the Special Branch for appropriate action to avoid any untoward incident," he said.

The official said that the interior ministry has also forwarded the report to relevant departments and directed them to take measures to secure the buildings.

Acting Inspector General of Police Islamabad Khalid Khattak has also directed all SHOs to visit the important government buildings and public places in their areas, as pointed out in the report, to check security measures there.

After the directions, all SHOs have started visiting the important government buildings and public places in their areas and checking the security apparatus installed there.

The SHOs have been directed to ask the relevant people to get installed CCTV cameras, walkthrough gates and barbed wires on walls of these respective buildings to ensure enhanced security measures.