California - Nicole Richie is losing her hair. According to a new report, the 32-year-old’s luscious locks are thinning fast - and she’s considering hair plugs to try and rectify the situation!

“Her has always been baby-fine, but now it seems to be getting thinner,” a source says. “She is freaking out, and she’s worried this is only going to get worse as she ages.” And hair loss isn’t Nicole’s only worry - she’s lost a lot of weight, too.

“Nicole has lost seven pounds in the past two months, which is seriously worrying for everyone,” a source said. “She’s had trouble keeping weight on for years, and she always watches herself.

But it looks like she’s let things slide again and Joel’s totally freaking out.

“Joel has always wanted a ton of kids, and he’s desperate to give Sparrow a little brother. “He’s thrilled that Nicole is on board, but he’s told her to fatten up. “He wants her pregnant before he heads to Australia for The Voice next year. But unless Nicole puts on at least 10 pounds, that’s looking less likely.”