London - MOL - Adults on scooters and swinging briefcases can be treacherous during a busy morning commute - but that hasn’t stopped a company combining the two.

The Commuter Case electric scooter doubles up as a suitcase designed to not only gets riders to work faster, but to make it easier for them to carry a change of clothes or other heavy items, such as laptops. 

It costs $5,990 (£3,500), but because it is a prototype, the company said it will use this money to fund production - and hasn’t revealed when customers will receive their purchases.

Powered by rechargeable batteries, the scooter reaches a top speed of 12.5mph (20km/h), but can also be propelled by foot if the battery dies.

The firm said this means users can cover a mile in five minutes, compared to 20 minutes when walking.

The left and right footrests, the steering column and wheels are stored in the suitcase and are removed and assembled into position.

Once the rests, wheels and handles are locked into place, the vehicle is in ‘ride mode’.

The rider pushes the Commute-Case forward using their foot and once moving, it is driven by an accelerator on the handlebars.

It is slowed, or stopped, using a manual level brake.

Illinois firm Green Energy Motors is currently taking pre-orders of its vehicle to help finance production, and is putting the device through testing.

The final product is expected to retail for $5,990 (£3,500), but the firm is offering 50 per cent off pre-orders, taking it to $2,995 (£1,785).

By comparison, a regular scooter costs around $125 (£75) while new Segways, at the other end of the scale, cost around $8,300 (£5,000). Although these seem expensive, Green Energy Motors said it costs just 10 cents (15p) to travel 25 miles versus an average of $3.35 (£2) to travel 25 miles in car.