LAHORE - The SNGPL has disconnected gas connections of 10 government consumers due to non-payment of Rs 26.36 million.

“In order to recover outstanding dues from government defaulting consumers, disconnection notices were served to consumers pertaining to all regions for early settlement of outstanding arrears. The Regional Billing Heads were advised either to recover the arrears or disconnect gas supply in case of non-payment,” said the spokesperson for Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited on Friday.

“In continuation to this exercise the following gas bills defaulters have been disconnected due to non-payment of gas bills: Convention Centre Islamabad Consumer No: 09741330006 (Rs. 10,239,810), Capital Hospital Sector G-6/2 Islamabad Consumer No:  98641330000 (Rs. 6,802,650), Federal Lodges Sector G-5 Islamabad Consumer No: 98541330001 (Rs. 3,009,690), Govt. Hostels Pak Secretariat Building Islamabad Consumer No: 87741330002 (Rs. 2,957,630), Clinical Research Division (NIH) Rawalpindi Consumer No: 50541330002 (Rs. 1,409,940), Northern Area House Sector F-5/1 Islamabad Consumer No: 36990330007 (Rs. 960,780), NTRC Office Sector H-8/3 Islamabad Consumer No: 12941330008 (Rs. 470,640), Railways Rest House Sector H-8 Islamabad Consumer No: 93101330004 (Rs. 253,950), Islamabad Model School for Girls Sector F-10/2 Islamabad Consumer No: 73890330001 (Rs. 141,240), CDA Fire Head Quarter Sector G-7/1 Islamabad Consumer No: 94390330002  (Rs. 112,570).”