Second World War was called ‘a war to end all wars’, but we are still seeing many wars erupt all over the world and no one is trying to restrain this trend. The United Nation was created as a body to stop nations from getting into wars. Many sub-organisations were created to form harmony among the haves and have nots nations, because the unreachable disparity was the sole reason for conflict among them. The United Nation proved helpful in resolving the Cuba crisis and Vietnam War, but now it seems to be a toothless beast that can protect no one. It has lost its effectiveness as well as its credibility.

Narinder Modi’s stance over Kashmir has been laid out in the lately issued manifesto of ‘Bharti Janta Party’. Every clause of the manifesto totally confirms the ideology of RSS. They declared, in their election promises, that the special status of Kashmir shall be withdrawn and it will be treated like any other territory of India. The issue related to Israel and Palestine have been raised for 70 years with no resolution .There are some disputed islands in East China Sea. China, Japan and Taiwan have claims over those islands. Recently I came across news that China has sent her naval ship to the island. This is a sheer demonstration of power and force. I would like to request the international organization to pay heed to these emerging phenomena. These small conflicts, history proves, can lead to wars.


Lahore, April 9.