Some security experts are of the view that crime and illegal arms can be controlled if the arms licenses are verified and computerized. Verification and registration of the licenses was carried out in 1998, and the license holders were required to obtain character certificates from the area police station irrespective of rank and status, which was humiliating. This exercise proved futile, now I would like to have some experts prove that planned crimes are committed with licensed arms to justify revivification of licenses.

Computerization of licenses has started, while verification will be done by the DC office which issued the license originally. How will a computerized card be more reliable than the existing licenses is beyond comprehension. However, the law-abiding are suffering and paying additional fees and taxes for self defense without facilitating control of crime and recovery of millions of illegal arms.

It is really a serious hassle for countless government employees, senior citizens, sick and others to go to the respective districts for verification and issue of computerized license cards, while same can be done by on-line verification from any district. I humbly appeal to CM Punjab to kindly order examination of the above stated problems to make life easy for the law-abiding arms license holders.


Rawalpindi, April 8.