LAHORE - The photo walk on the Royal Trail was held on Saturday with 800 photographers. This has been the biggest photo walk ever held in Pakistan.

These included students and amateur photographers from all over Pakistan. Students from Comsats, Garrison College, King Edward, Naqsh Art, University of Veterinary sciences, Punjab University, UMT, Government College University, Kinnaird College, Lahore College, UET, NCA, PIFD, University of South Asia, and Superior College etc participated in the walk in huge groups.

The route started from Delhi Gate. The main highlighted point was the Shahi Hammam, which is being conserved presently. The groups were taken into the restored streets which included Gali Surjan Singh, Sabeel Wali Gali, Phoolon Wali Gali, Gali Mian Sultan, Huqay Wali Gali and Koocha Charakhgran. The groups were taken to the Wazir Khan Mosque for photography.

The Main Havelis on the Royal Trail, Haveli Bej Nath, Haveli Dina Nath, Haveli Mian Sultan were also visited by the photographers. The Sheesh Mahal of Haveli Mian Sultan was also opened up for the photographers. Pani Wala Talab the oldest water reservoir was also one of the attractions. Haveli Awais Meer was specially opened for welcoming the photographers.

The end point of the Photo Walk was the Lahore Fort. During the route, different street performers like magician, monkey show, snake charmer etc were performing to interest the photographers. There were almost 25 groups each group was led by a tourist guide of the Walled city of Lahore authority. Each group had 40 to 50 photographers

Kamran Lashari (Director General WCLA): We are trying to engage youth and students inside the walled city for its promotion and tourism. Students are a big help in promoting and producing new ideas for the betterment of the tourism and its projection. I am glad on the enthusiastic participation of the youth in this event.

Tania Qureshi (Deputy Director Media & Marketing WCLA): it was an unexpected response. We are glad that people are getting more and more involved in the Walled City of Lahore. Photo walks and exhibitions are one way of digitalization heritage.

Hashim Khan (Photographer Student): the walk was very well organized by WCLA. I have been attending the previous walks but this was much well managed in terms of so many participants. I think we can help in highlighting the heritage and culture through our photography; this will be playing our part in saving the heritage.