ISLAMABAD  - Terming the decision of Joint Session of the Parliament to stay neutral in Yemen conflict against the national interests which would leave the country isolated among the Muslim states, the leadership of religio-political parties demanded of the government to extend unconditional military support to Saudi Arabia for the defence of Harmain Sharifain.

Difah-i-Harmain Sharifain conference was called in Islamabad on Saturday under the aegis of Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadis Pakistan wherein over a dozen religio-political parties came up with unanimous decision demanding of Government of Pakistan to extend unconditional support to Saudi Arabia to crush the Houthi rebels who had overthrown the legitimate government in Yemen and destroyed the system of governance.

The joint statement issued at the conclusion of the conference supported the operation of Kahdim-i-Harmain Sharifain King Salman bin Abdul Aziz against the Houthi rebels and extended all-out support to his decision to help restore the legitimate government in Yemen and restore pace.

The statement further said that Saudi Arabia had always come to the rescue of people of Pakistan in difficult times and now when their Saudi brethren are requiring the support and help, Government of Pakistan must extend all-out and unconditional support to Saudi government by sending troops for its defence.

The statement also gave mention to the sentimental attachment people of Pakistan have with their Saudi brethren and made it loud and clear that for the safety and security of Harmain Sharifain people of Pakistan could go to any extend and render whatever sacrifices required for it.

In his address to the conference held under the chair of Amir Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadis Senator Prof. Sajid Mir, Deputy Saudi Minister for Religious Affairs Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al Aamar said that he has great respect for the sentiments of people of Pakistan about Harmain Sharfain and would inform the Saudi King about these sentiments.  He said the leadership and the people of Saudi Arabia considered an open support from Pakistan in the present crisis as an asset. He said security of Harmain Sharfain is the responsibility of every Muslim.

The Saudi Minister said Houthi rebels have overthrown a legitimate government in Yemen and spread anarchy in the country. The Houthis have openly expressed their nefarious designs against Saudi Arabia after which the Saudi government sought cooperation from Pakistan.  Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Mohammad Yousuf said the unanimous resolution adopted by the Joint Session of the Parliament was reflective of Pakistan’s concern about the security and territorial integrity of the Saudi Arabia and was in the forefront for the defence of the kingdom. He further said that in the presence of Pakistan, a nuclear power with world’s best trained armed forces, no one could dare cast negative eye on the territorial integrity of the brotherly Islamic state what to speak of breaching the sanctity of Harmain Sharifain. He said the government and the military leadership are on the same page vis-a-vis the security of Harmain Sharifain.

Jamiat-i-Ulema-i-Islam(Fazl) chief Moulana Fazlur Rehman in his address said that Islamabad should extend unconditional cooperation and support to Saudi Arabia in the current crisis.

Fazl was critical on those who were wrongly and by design portraying Yemen crisis as sectarian clash between Shia and Sunni dubbing it a conspiracy of anti-Muslim forces to weaken the Ummah. Recalling the US attack on Afghanistan Fazl said that why at that time the attack on people of Afghanistan was not dubbed as attack on Sunni government in Kabul.

He came down hard on those who were cautioning the Government of Pakistan that any help to Saudi Arabia would annoy Iran. He also asked Iranian government to come out clear on its covert support to Houthi rebels.

Amir Jamiat Ahle Hadis Prof. Sajid Mir has said that when it comes to the support of Saudi Arabia then Islamabad is a party to the crisis and they could not acquire the role of mediator in it. He minced no words in demanding of the Government of Pakistan to send troops to Saudi Arabia for its defence, cautioning that the crisis in Yemen is a part of greater conspiracy as initially Libya, Syria and Bahrain were weakened under a well-thought-out plan to make Saudi Arabia a soft target.

Amir of Jamaat-ud-Daawa Prof Hafiz Mohamamd Saeed said the parliamentary resolution relating to Saudi Arabia is not in line with the voice of the nation. He said Pakistan is the centre of defence of Ummah and must stand with Saudi Arabia in current conflict. He said those considering the defence of Harmain Sharifain and Saudi Arabia different from Yemen are mistaken. He said the defence of Saudi Arabia means coming all out in aid to the kingdom in operation in Yemen.

“ Every child in Pakistan is ready to render his life for the defence of Harmain Sharifain,” he said adding that his party would launch countrywide mass mobilisation campaign in support of Saudi Arabia.

The conference was also addressed by Maulana Fazlur Rehman Khalil, Dr Abu Turab, Hafiz Abdul Karim, Pir Amin ul Hasnat, Liaquat Baloch, Dr Abdul Khair Mohammad Zubair, Pir Mehfooz Mashhadi, Pir Ijaz Hashmi, Allama Shah Owais Noorani, Maulana Hamidul Haq Haqqani, Mufti Mohammad Naeem, Qari Zawar Bahadur, Professor Abdul Rehman Makki, Yaqub Sheikh, Maulana Mohammad Yar Rabbani and others.