Mexico City

Ailing Yolanda Foster has said that it is her life mission to find a cure for Lyme disease.

And in the 51-year-old’s latest therapeutic pursuit, she has travelled to Tijuana, Mexico where she has turned to an unconventional ‘ancient medicine’ for treatment. ‘RISE UP AND ATTACK each day with courage,’ she captioned an image of the therapy on Friday, adding, ‘Thank you Mexico for being open to ancient medicine #Ozone #TijuanaMexico #SearchingForACure #ChronicLymeDisease.’ Her hashtag of ‘ozone’ could be referencing the alternative medicine treatment in which oxygen is pumped into the body, a purported therapy for cancer and HIV, some medical professionals have claimed. The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star is seen seated on a chair in a medical office with what appears to be an intravenous device in her forearm. A latex glove is by her side. Dressed in a ribbed coral sweater, white capri trousers, the blonde looks away from the camera as the device does its work.

The beauty did not specify the nature of her ‘ancient’ remedy, but she has gone abroad in search of diverse treatment before.

In 2013 - a year after she was diagnosed with Lyme - she spent a month in Switzerland for natural remedies.

‘One of the things was I did a whole month without any makeup, no creams, no hair products because I found out, which they taught me there, is there are so many heavy metals in all of these products,’ she revealed to OK! magazine at the time.

‘America is much more about pharmaceuticals because that’s the biggest business in this country. In Europe they go back much more to the old-fashioned holistic ways.

‘Like this doctor said to me, “We’re going to put you in a sweatbox and create a 104 fever for four hours.” I’m like, “Why? I haven’t had a fever in years?” He said, “That’s why you’re so sick. That’s the body’s natural way of fighting bacteria.”

‘In America when you get a fever it’s medicine to knock it. I’m learning a lot of things as I go.’

Taking to social media in July last year, she made a similar voyage to Tijuana and compared her quest for a cure to that of Dallas Buyers Club - the biopic that won Matthew McConaughey an Oscar for his portrayal of Ron Woodroof, who in the 1980s smuggled antiretroviral drugs from Mexico to treat HIV when the disease was poorly understood by U.S. doctors at the time.