LAHORE - PAT secretary general Khurram Nawaz Gandapur on Saturday termed all the cases against Dr Tahirul Qadri and party workers fake.

An anti-terror court declared 10 including the PAT chief as proclaimed offender and allowed advertising the orders to appear before the court outside their houses

“Punjab Police has registered bogus cases against us on order of Shahbaz Sharif and they have no standing,” said Gandapur in a statement. He added that his party would not come under pressure over the rulers’ tactics and continue its struggle to bring revolution in the country.

PAT president Dr. Raheeq Abbasi, in a separate statement, condemned the murder of 20 workers in Balochistan, saying the Federal Government and the Balochistan Government had handed over the province to terrorists.

The PAT president demanded the immediate arrest of the culprits and the case be tried in a military court and they be awarded exemplary punishment. He said that every other day such an incident occurs in Balochistan but the government did not take any concrete steps to stop such incidents.

“Rulers are busy in laptop and metro bus schemes, building roads and bridges and other such useless schemes and are not concentrating on the National Action Plan.” He expressed his surprise that even after the passing of three months not a single Military Court had been made functional in the province.