Senate Deputy Chairman Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri has said that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia always stuck with Pakistan through thick and thin, and now it is Pakistan’s turn to help it in case of any danger to its integrity.

He was talking to the media during his visit to Hazro where he inquired after the health of JUI leader Syed Hassan Shah. He said that all the Islamic countries should play their role to solve the issue of Yemen amicably. He said there might be a conspiracy against the Muslims to indulge them in war against one another. He regretted that the Islamic countries lack ability to discuss even their own issues and its ample proof is that so for the Organisation of Islamic Countries and Arab League could not convene even one meeting on the issue.

Talking about his election as deputy chairman of Senate, he said that it became possible because of the support of PML-N and PPP. On the PTI’s return to the parliament, he said that it was a good decision. He said the Judicial Commission has been constituted after consulting all the stakeholders however nothing could be said about its outcome. He said that operation in Karachi was going in the right direction and will help restore peace in Karachi and root out militant wings of different political parties. He said that in the forthcoming local bodies elections, his party would nominate its candidates for all the seats.