Louis Walsh appears to have hinted he has quit The X Factor. Speaking on The Seven O’Clock Show, the veteran star announced his time on the hit ITV1 show was potentially over after an incredible 11 seasons. ‘I’m done with X Factor, honestly,’ he admitted.

When then asked whether his pal Simon Cowell could possibly change his mind, Louis added: ‘I’d have to really think about it. ‘I’ve done 11 seasons and that’s a long time in television - I don’t think I’ll be going back.’ The music mogul then went on to reveal that Simon had big plans in store for this year’s judging panel.

‘I think they are going to change the show,’ he added. ‘I think they are going to get new faces. ‘I know Dermot [O’Leary] is gone - and I don’t know who else will be back. ‘Simon will probably be back because it’s his show. Cheryl [Cole]... I’m not sure. I don’t know who else will be back.’

Louis then explained he had decided not to return to The X Factor this year as he wanted to focus on being a music manager again. ‘I want to go back to being a manager - that’s my day job and I’ve neglected it for a long time because I’m away so much. ‘At the moment, I’m working with Shane Filan - he’s got a new record coming out, and I’m also working with Hometown. ‘I’d like to get back to where I started off… I never even wanted to be on TV, it just happened.’