ISLAMABAD  - A day after the parliament adopted a unanimous resolution asking the government to remain neutral in Yemen crisis, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Saturday itself gave credit for passage of such resolution, saying it ensured that no underhand deals or commitments would be made by the government through parliamentary consensus.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan Saturday in a statement reminded that over a decade earlier in 2004, he had stood in parliament and stated that Pakistan should stay out of someone else's war - at that time the US War on terror - and not send its forces to Waziristan as it would be going into quicksand to fight the US's war. But underhand commitments were made and the devastating results on Pakistan and its people can be seen today with over 50,000 dead; over $1 billion loss to the country's economy and a polarised polity battling resurgent terrorism.

This time Imran Khan pointed out that PTI was in a position by going back to parliament to ensure that no secret deals or commitments would be made on behalf of the people of Pakistan and its elected representatives. Imran Khan said, "Despite my natural instinct of not returning to the assemblies till the report of the Judicial Commission, I made the decision to return so as to give our clear position on a vital national question and the resolution vindicates this decision."  

The Yemen conflict and the sending of Pakistani troops to fight there was an important national issue and he felt PTI must play is role and impact national policy. "This PTI did", said Imran Khan, adding the party's parliamentarians withstood internal and external criticism and even abuse, to return to the assemblies after the ordinance for the Judicial Commission had been promulgated and took a clear position on the issue of Yemen and whether Pakistan should join the Saudi coalition intervening militarily in that country's civil war.

He said PTI had a clear position that Pakistan should stay out of this conflict and work diplomatically to end the war there through the UNSC and the OIC. "Our position was stated with clarity on the floor of the house and is reflected in the unanimous resolution passed by the joint sitting of Parliament," he added. He said that PTI ensured that no underhand deals or commitments went through and the parliamentary consensus while expressing support for our close ally Saudi Arabia also made a wise decision to maintain neutrality in the Yemen conflict was a true reflection of the people's consensus in which PTI played a critical role.

Chairman Imran Khan pointed out that it was on PTI's initiative, supported by the main opposition parties, that many critical clauses were included in the resolution. He said he was particularly pleased that the neutrality clause had been included from PTI's own draft resolution; as PTI was convinced that Pakistan should not get involved in someone else's war and only by remaining neutral Pakistan could play an effective mediation and peace maker role.

 Khan also congratulated Parliament for the passage of a resolution that secures Pakistan's national interests by preventing it from getting embroiled in someone else's war.