The doctors of Quaid-i-Azam Medical College and Bahawal Victoria Hospital have been looting the patients at their private clinics where they check patients from morning till night and receive up to Rs1000 fee each, and do not ensure their presence at their public sector health facilities.

Moreover, they have also established medical stores within their clinics where they sell products of specific companies and force the patients to buy those medicines. In this way, they not only earn profits by selling the medicines but also receive commission from the pharmaceutical companies.

Doctors who are called saviours has taken the disguise of robbers and filling their lockers with the hard earned money of the people. They do not visit the wards of the hospitals they have been recruited and only check the patients in their clinics and private hospitals, patients regretted. People who could not afford the fee of these doctors die in hospitals miserably, they added.

Income Tax Department officials receive kickbacks from the “sophisticated thieves” who make hundreds of thousands of rupees monthly by looting the patients and receiving salaries for not attending the patients in their hospitals and issue orders to cancel their private practice. However Residents of Bahawalpur Muhammad Asim, Mohsin Bukhari, Farhan Shaukat and others demanded that the government should take notice of the situation and force these doctors to visit the wards regularly, the Income Tax department should make proper estimates of their income, they demanded.

RAID: Deputy Tehsil Headquarters Ahmadpur East Drug Controller Faisal Hussain conducted a raid at Rao Colony Ahmapur East and recovered a large amount of fake medicines and sealed the factory. Proceedings have been started against the criminals Mehmood Alam and Muhammad Atif under Drug Act.

He was informed that fake medicines are being manufactured in a factory located at Rao Colony, Ahmadpur East on which he conducted the raid at the factory along with his team and recovered medicines from the factory which was supposed to be supplied throughout the southern Punjab. The factory supplies medicines worth millions of rupees each month.

He said that no leniency will be given to the accused involved in the business and no political influence will be taken into consideration in this regard. He added that those play with the lives of innocent people will not be tolerated with.

DIRECTIVES: The Punjab government has issued the directions to assistant commissioners for the constitution of committees in about 2,000 union councils of the province. Notables, Imams of mosques, retired officers and Lambarders will be nominated as members of committees which will deal with local-level disputes. The main object of these committees is to lessen the burden on in the judiciary and police stations.