Prof Dr Shahid Hussain sheikh

The death of 150 people could have been avoided! The truth is much simpler than all the investigations. The 28-year old pilot, being called suicidal and depressed, was only suffering from ‘Sheikh’s Syndrome.’ Many people in sensitive, decision making jobs easily pass a general physical and psychiatric exam. Now, Andreas Lubitz, the 28-year old co-pilot’s actions have compelled us to open our eyes, to look through Dr Edward Wagner’s and Dr Shahid Sheikh’s research and assess the physical and mental Nano-Pathology ahead of time, not only to help them perform effectively, but also for them to live happily and save lives.

This challenge first emerged in 1992, after ‘Operation Desert Storm,’ when for no apparent reason the US troops started shooting fellow troops. No pathology was detected, except conveniently labeling it as ‘Gulf War Syndrome,’ perhaps to avoid institutional panic. Chicago Times 2007 reported 250,000 troops, who on coming back had to deal with the ‘Post War Trauma Syndrome.’ It may be a psychologically soothing definition, to pacify the victims but the healthcare system has totally failed in the effective treatment and stabilization of these soldiers.

Continuously proliferating, sub-Nucleus Nano-Pathology plays a significant role in the disruption of the normal function of affected neurons. These neurons could be of any control center of the human brain for example, decision making, hearing, speech, critical thinking, problem solving, happiness, anger, mood, hunger, thirst, behavioral, cognitive etc. All neurons are controlled by their nucleus to maintain a balance of the cell’s normal function.

When a given neuron’s nucleus is invaded by the neuro-invasive viruses and the virus’s RNA continues to transcribe for life, especially when the defending immunity tones down, in real defense against these Nano-Pathogens, the balance of controlling mechanism disrupts. Therefore, a flaw in the command, from within the affected controlling neurons, alters the intended outcome. This is known as ‘Sheikh’s Syndrome.’

Genetically, congenially or socially, human beings acquire the genome of these Neuro-invasive viruses, that hibernate (latency) in the nucleus of the neurons. Late Dr. Edward Wagner and his colleagues, in 2004 substantiated the sub-nucleus viral RNA transcription, in his publication from University of California at Irvine documenting with the aid of Atomic Force Microscopy.

We are the first scientists that used Atomic Force Microscopy to best understand the Nano-Pathology of the human brain and found many secrets of the disease process of the untreatable ailments, hence providing new way of treating the old ailments. At the early stage one can be asymptomatic but some behavioral attributes may reflect the growing neuro Nano-Pathology that is grossly overlooked at that time. Socially unacceptable behavioral episodes are the first indicator of the start of the problem, as its repetition becomes a nuisance, only then is a doctor engaged to resolve the issues. A psychiatrist would only help stabilize the neurological and behavioral challenge. At this stage, medical science, worldwide is focused on the symptomatic treatment.

Gulf war veterans, chronic patients across the world, Andreas Lubitz and all terrorists share something in common, the ‘Sudden Insanity.’ That is a byproduct of the neuro Nano-Pathology and it is engulfing the whole planet in various forms. Terrorism is the final outcome that we face. The neuro invasive viral Nano-Pathology has spread since 1529 and to overcome its further invasion, we need to be smart about it. Homeland Security, conventional physical and psychiatric evaluation alone is not going to be enough. Periodically, its pathological quantification with the clinical correlation is vital to stop such human catastrophes. The data must be shared internationally to make decisions of level of assignments.

Andreas Lubitz might have been a healthy young man but his brain was attacked by the enemy from within that persuaded him to seek help for depression, masked bipolar disorder, left untreated ended in sudden insanity.

My 10 year old daughter went through an outrageous episode of throwing a tantrum of extreme kind, yelling, screaming crying and upsetting everyone in the family. Luckily, I monitor the viral load of my children, and her last blood test revealed a little increasing trend of the viral load. Very next day I started her on medication, which administered for three days, resulted in a complete reversal of her symptoms, she became a very civilized person.

The writer is chairman of NIDS Treatment & Research Center in Lahore.