I was shocked and feel ashamed that our Defense Minister is such a short tempered politician, holding a very important portfolio, his outburst on the return of PTI members to the National Assembly was in bad taste for every thoughtful Pakistani. Why didn’t the Prime Minister, who was sitting next to him, not stop him from making such a speech? Instead of disgracing PTI members, why he did not ask speaker of the National Assembly the reason for not accepting the resignation of PTI members? This is not the first time that Khawaja Asif has used non parliamentary language; he also made indecent remakes against Pakistan Army Generals.

The question is does he deserved to be holding such an important portfolio? Is there is no one, a normal decent Pakistani in 200 million, who could become a Defense Minister of Pakistan? How long do we have to bear such democrats who don’t have any democratic qualities?


Lahore, April 8.