Islamabad - Chairman National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) chaired a high-level a meeting of seismic scientists and experts to scientifically and technically examine the escalated seismic activity of Hindu Kush Range.

The seismologists from Pakistan Meteorological Department Earthquake Studies Department of Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Geologist from Geological Survey of Pakistan, Experts and Engineers of NDMA and SUPARCO attended the meeting.

All participants unanimously agreed to the assessment as presented by the Pakistan Meteorological Department.

Chairman NDMA directed all participants to undertake detailed study and analysis of the Hindu Kush seismicity to ascertain any impending seismic threat.

The NDMA says it responded to April 10 earthquake effectively and immediate alerts were issued to all Provincial Disaster Management Authorities (PDMAs) to caution exercise in view of expected aftershocks. The DMAs of all provinces, AJ&K, GB and FATA have been asked to carryout damage assessment. Instructions also issued to NHA, WAPDA, PTA and all other relevant departments also issued to assess damages. It says the Pakistan Air Force has been requested to carryout aerial photography/survey to evaluate damages to infrastructure and slope stability of mountains in GB and KP. The SUPARCO has been asked to provide satellite imageries to analyze the extent of damages, if any in GB and KP.

National Emergency Operation Centre of NDMA is already activated to monitor the situation 24/7. DMA help line numbers have been activated to record the updates. The six deaths in (KP,5 & GB,1) and 7 injured(KP,5 & FATA,2) have been reported till last day, whereas 22 houses were damaged in KP,20 & FATA,2) respectively.