With the stroke of these words, I do want to express the inner feelings of myself or to bring up the latent questions in my mind for years. My words may not fully agree to what I thought of, or I may honestly not be able to depict what I want to convey, but this is a subtle attempt of my expression as a dumb child convincing his mother by his innocent face expressions or prattling. Yet I have no other path to take; I can tell all of this to no one except myself and this paper. A sort of a testimony or an accusation. The greatest of all human miseries, to face oneself.

It’s either a thought or a delusion or the truth. All worse than the other and worth a woe. My words may not support the feelings to be conveyed on paper to readers who do not know me or think alike. This too is a difficult phenomenon to understand which wobbles the mind and seizes to think.

One gets distracted and disillusioned with the thought of thinking deep and gets a vague idea of what life is and what we are remains untold yet and until infinity. The world is beautiful but not yet explored entirely as it is beyond human power to see all. People who made the pyramids or the people of Peru were much powerful in knowledge than the ones present there at present. It is a sin to be hopeless but this is the ground reality.

The world has become a global family, so closely interlinked to each other like a web, but ironically full of hatred and dislike for each other, which too has taken the entire humanity to the dark ages and has made this beautiful world, well, not as pretty as it was. Lack of moralities has made the world an ugly place, where the modern world gives least importance to moral scruples which our elders cherished.

Man has reached the moon and has a desire to dwell there, but half of the world is starving to death due to lack of food. Science is advanced in medicine but comes across challenging diseases to fight with. Religions have become stronger but everyone lacks tolerance for others. Wars are being fought in the name of religion – like in Bosnia and Kosovo, situated in the heart of Europe which claims to be the arena of humanity and tolerance, cheating themselves by claiming what they are not, the flag bearers of morality, tolerance and humanity. They definitely lack all. To err is human but they intentionally have chosen the wrong path by bringing the world to a state of hatred and war so that they can sell their satanic weapons to the innocent world.

The fabric of society is torn apart by these cruel and nasty enemies of human beings. Their only aim is to collect money through their nefarious and treacherous tactics by declaring wars in countries having natural resources. Still called civilized societies or the developed world – what a shame to be shameless by plundering the resources of the underdeveloped and the poor. History has never forgiven nations unkind to humanity.

Man is mortal, but his deeds are not and shall remain forever. So all their misdeeds will remain as a black scar on their faces forever.

The world has been enveloped in agony due to the morbid hunger and lust for power by the rich nations to become richer. And they never repent it. The United Nations has become a rubber stamp for them and paves the path for them to invade countries and shed blood in the name of peace. What a pity.

Vulgarity and obscenity have enveloped these so-called educated societies. They have lost their values and live in a state of internal turmoil, taking the support of drugs and liquor to survive. They have no peace in their minds.

Mark Twain says: “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience”. This is very convincing as the people around you will always drag you down to their mental caliber, and then enjoy their capability.

Similarly, the world has been dragged into wars and now survive on charity of countries responsible for it. The world is in the clutches of the nasty and greedy nations fighting for natural resources. The world should learn a lesson from countries they have destroyed in search of peace and plundering resources.

Yes, I do believe that the world has become a global family for terrorism, loot, plunder, invasion, vulgarity, hunger, diseases and all vices yet to be introduced to this innocent world by these cruel and filthy masterminds claiming to be human friendly.

The people of this innocent world called the global village have yet to see the cruelties of these evil doers in the form of millions of refugees, civil wars and all other atrocities they engineer for the innocent human beings and human beings can barely lament silently as an easy prey.